Yale Conference

The Yale conference was held from April 28 through May 1, 2011. The title was ‘URBAN INDIA: Historical Processes and Contemporary Experiences.’ The goal was to examine contemporary urbanization in India, situated in the modern historical processes of the growth of cities. It was an academic conference, with scholars in various disciplines concerned about poverty, health, environment, migrant workers, architectural heritages, and the place of urbanization in the future of India as an emerging dominant player in the world economic stage. The conference discussed six different themes: Urban Utopias; Governance and Citizenship; Livelihoods, Mobility and Informality; Land & Infrastructure; City & Public Culture; and Desire and Belonging in the City. Participants from the US, Europe, and India attended the conference. As part of the Yale India Initiative, the conference is the first step towards developing a more sustained focus on urban studies as part of the India Initiative at Yale. The event at Yale was the first step towards developing South Asian urban studies teaching and research at Yale, while making urban India a key part of the wider Yale engagement with India in coming years.