Only Slumdogs, No Millionnaires

Dr. Subhadra Menon (Head, Health Communications Department, PHFI)

This is a narrative of the landscapes of angst that characterize the lives of millions of people living on the fringes in urban areas. They make the choice to adopt an urban habitat and contribute to a nation’s economy as productively as they can, but the quality of life they receive in return is a compelling imagery that demands only one thing – transformation, reform, and a change for the better....

Lessons from Chennai’s Toilets Somya Sethuraman

(Somya Sethuraman is a researcher with the Transparent Chennai project, housed at the Centre for Development Finance, IFMR.)

This year, Transparent Chennai, an action research project on urban governance, surveyed and mapped 49 public toilets in Zone 4 in the northern part of Chennai. Our research turned up surprising findings. We found that despite the apparent need for sanitation in the city, more than half of the toilets in the zone were barely used by women and...

Financing the development of small and medium cities for sustainable urbanisation

Anand Sahasranaman*

Urbanisation in India is currently marked by two fundamental trends, lop-sided migration to the larger cities and unbalanced regional economic development. The urban population of India is concentrated in the large cities and the migration towards these cities is due, in large part, to their economic prominence. They are the engines of economic growth, but are plagued by severe challenges to their civic infrastructure and service delivery...